Distribution, Service & Support of Ag Technologies, helping dealers and growers meet the demands of tomorrow.

Our Company

AgTech Supply LLC.

Is a wholesale distribution company that has a focused goal of providing our dealers with the highest quality agriculture technologies products that the industry has to offer. We pride ourselves on an unparalleled support structure that is the backbone of our company, allowing our dealers and their growers to confidently deploy Ag Technologies in their fields in any quantity that best suits their growing operations.

This is why: Growing and distributing enough food to feed the current world population of 7 billion people, is an absolutely monumental task. A task that, the general public has left in the hands of our Farmers. They have kept up with this demand through making only minor improvements to their growing traditions that have been passed down for countless generations with the help of their local supporting industries and dealers, I.E; Tractors and equipment implements, irrigation, and chemical/pesticides. Growers rely of these 3 major working relationships to keep their operations moving at the incredible rate that they do. Until 2010, these hard working growers have kept up with the demand for food while most of the incredible technological advancements passed them by. Since then, the demand for food has been growing 1.4% faster than its production each year. As a result, the world is taking notice and has begun focusing its intelligence toward the men and women that grow the contents that fill their dinner plate. New great technologies are surfacing each day, without a company to test, verify and distribute them. The distribution of these agriculture technologies needs to be done carefully to protect the growers and prove that Ag technologies can not only reliably work in the field, but also significantly help their operation on many levels. This is why we have developed AgTech Supply, a nation wide distribution channel to offer the imperative sales, service and support that local dealers and growers need while to assisting them throughout the adoption and implementation of technology into their growing operations.

The utilization of industry leading advisors, R&D, tech support and traveling installation experts, ATS offers our dealers proven and trusted brands to sell and support their local growers. These certified dealers consist of knowledgeable and experienced individuals that are dedicated to agriculture technologies and helping growers smoothly adapt them into their farming operations.


Agriculture has been based around trust. A trust built upon hundreds of years of relationships in which many multimillion-dollar deals are made with nothing more than a handshake. These values are the foundation for this industry, which is why ATS works with the local area dealers, giving them all levels of support, from traveling tech representatives, to agronomists and 24 hour call lines.This level of assistance and availability is the key to successful integration of any solution in agriculture. The almost instantaneous when issues or questions come up is mandatory, as a growers job doesn't end when the sun goes down. A grower's crops are their livelihood; they do not eat sleep of go on vacation until all is in order. Growers do not work an 8-5 day, and neither does ATS. We promise to be there to answer the phone or assist you sun up or sun down, whether you are planting, harvesting or anything between, we care about the fluidity of your operation as much as you do. Without you, the grower, we would not be in business either.

Our regional sales and tech support representatives seek out the most qualified and advanced Ag professionals to become dealers, while performing the training and coaching needed to ensure that our line of technologies will be best suited for our growers. Our strict qualifying process ensures that we only have the best people to make up our worldwide dealer network to maintain a long-term relationship as your local AgTech solutions provider for decades to come. They will be there for you, not just on opening day, but throughout all stages of your business.

We also provide 'tech ninjas' to travel anywhere they are needed when issues arise that cannot be fixed in a reasonable time or by our certified dealers. These experts ensure that the crucial support is available on any level to uphold; the growers' expectations, dealers' knowledgebase and our manufactures reputations on a level never before experienced in Ag technologies.


AgTech Supply is always seeking out the latest technologies to add to our suite of solutions and offer to our growers. These solutions are all tested to ensure reliability and usability for all of our customers.

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ATS is always looking for motivated people that take pride in their work and are always hiring inside/outside sales or support positions. If you are interested in a career at ATS, we would love to hear from you.

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